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Bob Morris
Whirling Arts Pottery
326 W. Kalamazoo Ave., Suite 121-A
Kalamazoo, MI   49007

Working in clay provides an unending array of experiences and possibilities for artistic expression. I enjoy constructing different three dimensional forms and the variations and unique appearance of crystalline glazes. Most of my works are thrown forms with some being altered on the wheel. I work primarily in high fired clays with crystalline glazes. One of my goals is to create works that excite people, provide joy, and demand and absorb the attention of people who see and handle them.

Crystalline Glaze Technique

I enjoy the varied patterns and appearance of depth created by crystalline glazes.   Examining the crystals closely shows unending variations. The crystals form from and grow in the fluidized glaze at high temperature during the glaze firing.

The process required for crystalline glazes is labor intensive. Each piece, after bisque firing, must be glued to a bisque fired, clay pedestal that fits the base of the piece exactly. Then, the glaze is applied. I have found that spraying the glaze on the piece relatively thinly works well for me. Because some of the glaze will run off the pot, a clay catch basin must also be prepared and bisque fired. Once the glaze is applied, the piece and its pedestal are placed in the catch basin. The whole assembly is then carefully placed in the kiln for the final glaze firing.

The glaze firing requires a kiln in which the temperature can be carefully monitored and controlled. Crystalline glaze firing schedules can require two, three or more temperature manipulations and hold times. This is quite different from a typical ‘increase to temperature and cool’ glaze firing.

Following the glaze firing I separate the piece from the pedestal and catch basin by applying heat from a torch to the pedestal below the base. The thrown pedestal and catch basin are discarded. Then, the bottom of the piece must be ground down to smooth the glass edge at the base.

Crystalline glazes are a lot of work but I enjoy the results and I hope that you do too.


vase with crystalline glaze
Studio Sales
Pottery works for sale are displayed in my Whirling Arts Studio in the Park Trades Center.  You are welcome to drop by to check out my work and chat – best to call first to make sure I’m there.
Commissioned Work
I accept commission requests and am happy to work with you to develop something that you will enjoy for years.
Functional and Decorative Works

Almost all of my work is food safe, dishwasher and microwave safe.  I’m up for trying most anything but most work is thrown vases, bowls, cups, lamps, tea pots, urns, lidded pots, holed pots and so forth.

You can try throwing or hand-building a pot for your use.  I give individualized throwing instruction (1 or 2 people at a time) and hand building work with up to 5 people at a time.

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